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2021 Toyota Sienna INTERIOR (Colors & Models) Perfect Family Minivan


2021 Toyota Sienna INTERIOR (Colors & Models) Perfect Family Minivan. The new Sienna Models & Prices

The minivan segment isn’t a huge one, and it’s largely dominated by three players. There’s the stylish Chrysler Pacifica, with the excellent plug-in hybrid option. The Honda Odyssey unapologetically leans into its minivan-ness and family-hauling duties. Then there’s the new, totally redesigned 2021 Toyota Sienna. Its selling points are immediately apparent: unique styling, a standard hybrid powertrain and available all-wheel drive. Oh, and it’s a Toyota, which precedes itself with a reputation for reliability and utility, as well as a huge existing customer base. Barring some sort of dealbreaker in the test drive, this blend of existing traits (brand, AWD) and new ones (design, hybrid only) should probably be enough to make the Sienna appealing to those shopping in this lightly stocked aisle.

The new Sienna goes on sale in November 2020, with a starting price of $35,635, including $1,175 in destination fees, for the LE FWD. The Sienna LE AWD starts at $37,635. The XLE FWD comes in seven- or eight-passenger configurations at $40,925, or a seven-passenger AWD version starting at $42,925. The sportier XSE costs $43,175 for FWD, or $42,925 with AWD. Limited FWD and AWD cost $47,875 and $9,675, respectively. The line-topping Sienna Platinum starts at 51,075 for FWD, and $51,635 for AWD.

Comparatively, the Honda Odyssey starts at $32,910 for its base LX trim level, but has fewer standard features. Its $36,310 EX trim level is actually more comparable to the base Sienna in terms of standard equipment. Chrysler also offers a budget minivan in its new $28,730 Voyager, but doesn’t begin competing with the Sienna until you enter the Pacifica Touring at $36,540. So yes, there are cheaper vans, but that doesn’t really speak to the Sienna’s value.

So which minivan do we like the best? That still goes to the Pacifica Hybrid, which can drive 32 miles on electric power alone, and offers a high-quality interior and lots of useful tech. With the available $7,500 federal tax credit, it theoretically undercuts the Sienna’s $35,635 base price by $1,645. Take the plug out of the equation — in fact, some buyers would rather not even have to think about it — and you’re looking at a level playing field. Each minivan offers its unique strengths to account for customers’ individual needs. The efficiency of the 2021 Sienna’s hybrid powertrain is a huge plus, with seriously impressive gas mileage and long driving range between fill-ups. The sliding seats strike a good balance between passenger comfort and easy-to-expand cargo. We can’t say we could put one of these vans above the other for every customer out there, but for those who need space, economy and all-wheel drive, we’re happy to recommend the 2021 Toyota Sienna.

LE / Gray 00:00
XLE / Beige 01:27
XSE / Cool Gray 04:19
Limited / Beige 08:14
Platinum / Dark Brown 09:19

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