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2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum VS 2021 Honda Odyssey Elite – Interior Design


2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum VS 2021 Honda Odyssey Elite – Interior Design. At this point in minivan evolution, Honda and Toyota have figured out how to do the basics really well. So a minivan comparison of the Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna comes down to two things: Which van does the little things best? And which offers those unique can’t-live-without features?

Interior & Tech:
Inside, the Sienna has a lot going for it. It has the basics: a deep well for storage behind the third row, a manual-folding third row, and an available second-row bench. Due to airbag placement, the second row cannot be removed. It’s kid-friendly and there’s a place for all your stuff. Notable tech offerings include a cabin intercom and a clever 360-degree camera system that simulates looking through the Sienna to show your blind spots. It can seem gimmicky at first, but it is undeniably useful. We appreciate that the main infotainment screen is easy to read and navigate, even using voice commands.

For several years now Honda’s been the benchmark. So it knows what makes a minivan interior special. Just like the Sienna, it has versatile seating, remote-open doors, thoughtful kid-comforts and all of the storage. Unique to the Odyssey is an in-cabin camera that displays a view of rear passengers on the front touchscreen. But the Odyssey’s infotainment system is a step behind, both in operation and looks.

Price Comparison:
Minivans these days have starting prices in the low to mid-$30,000s. Some feature pricing wasn’t available for the Sienna at the time of this publishing, so for the purpose of this minivan comparison we’ll use MSRP. If you’re shopping for a Sienna or Odyssey, check our Minivan Deals Center for possible incentives and special offers.

Sienna pricing starts at $35,635 (including destination) for a front-wheel-drive (FWD) model and tops out over $51,000 for an all-wheel-drive (AWD) Platinum trim. Honda does not offer an AWD minivan. This gives the Toyota Sienna AWD minivan an advantage, although at a price premium. Our well-equipped Sienna Platinum FWD had leather upholstery, a cabin intercom, smartphone integration and a vacuum, to name a few of its offerings. Notable extras are an optional fridge, a surround-view camera and front-to-back long-slide second-row seats.

Our test Odyssey Elite was also loaded, costing $49,335 (including destination). For reference, entry-level Odysseys start at $32,910. The Elite also had leather seating, a cabin intercom, smartphone integration and a vacuum, among other features. It differentiates itself from the 2021 Sienna with an in-cabin camera to monitor the back seats and side-sliding second-row seats.

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