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2022 BMW iX Manufacturing | German Electric SUV Production


2022 BMW iX Manufacturing | German Electric SUV Production. The BMW iX is produced at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. It is deeply integrated into the existing manufacturing structures there and will be built on a flexible assembly line together with models from the BMW 5 Series, 7 Series and 8 Series ranges. The plant in Lower Bavaria is the first facility in the BMW Group’s international production network to manufacture all-electric, plug-in hybrid and combustion-engined models on a single assembly line.

In order to have the necessary flexibility to handle such a variety of drive systems, vehicle assembly at Dingolfing was both expanded and restructured, particularly in the areas of swivel assembly and power unit installation. Zones were created there for delivering and assembling the electrified axles and high-voltage batteries, while the wedding station where the powertrain is installed in the body was reconstructed. This included adding a new highly automated assembly facility for installing the high-voltage batteries.

The worldwide market launch of the BMW iX will get underway in November 2021. The model range at launch will comprise the BMW iX xDrive50 with a combined output of 523 horsepower / 385 kW (range of up to 630 kilometres in the WLTP test cycle — EPA rating of over 300 miles; provisional figure) and the BMW iX xDrive40 posting a combined output of 326 hp / 240 kW (range of up to 425 kilometres (264 miles) in WLTP test conditions.

Also set to join the line-up at a later date is the even more powerful BMW iX M60. The first ever purely electric BMW M model in the SAV segment will generate output exceeding 600 hp / 440 kW.The groundbreaking fusion of BMW eDrive technology from BMW i and the development expertise amassed by BMW M GmbH on the track makes it possible to enjoy both an outstanding performance experience and zero tailpipe emissions.

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