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2022 DS 4 E-Tense – Interior, Exterior and Drive / Fantastic Car !!!


2022 DS 4 E-Tense – Interior, Exterior and Drive / Fantastic Car !!!. DS Automobiles has unveiled its fourth model, which is dubbed DS 4. The compact-class model blends a hatchback body with Coupé -SUV styling. This is not the first car to use the DS 4 name, and it shares its underpinnings with the Citroën C4, just like the old DS 4 used to do.

The DS 4 is built on the EMP2 platform from the Stellantis conglomerate, but in a version that is claimed to have seventy percent new or exclusive parts. It will come in a plug-in hybrid form, but it will also get an electric version, which is set to arrive in 2024. Starting with the debut of the electric DS 4, called DS 4 E-Tense, the French marque will become a fully electric brand.

The 2022 DS 4 will go on sale at the end of 2021. Its price has not been announced yet. At launch, the DS 4 will be available with a choice of four engines and a hybrid variant. The entry-level unit is a turbocharged PureTech engine that offers 130 horsepower, followed by a diesel engine that offers the same level of power, but lower fuel consumption. There is a 180-horsepower version in the range.

The plug-in hybrid DS 4 comes with the same 180-horsepower engine, but with a propulsion system that offers a total of 225 horsepower. It has a 12.4 kWh battery that offers a 55-km range in the WLTP combined cycle, and it can reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 7.7 seconds.

One of the coolest parts about the new DS 4 is that it is made of 95 percent reusable materials and 85 percent recyclable parts. In the case of each unit, 30 percent of its weight comes from recycled materials or renewable materials. Twenty percent of the dashboard, for example, is manufactured from hemp. Numerous fibers and recycled materials are employed in the chassis as soundproofing materials.

The range is made up of three versions from where customers can start their configuration. So, customers can find the DS 4, DS 4 Cross, and the DS 4 Performance Line. Each version has trim levels dedicated to it. The DS 4 version can be had in the Bastille, Bastille +, Trocadero, and Rivoli trim levels, and the launch model is also available in a limited edition called La Premiere.

The Cross version of the DS 4 comes in the Trocadero or Rivoli trim levels. The third version, called Performance Line, has trims named Performance Line and Performance Line +, which may not be the most inspired naming choice, but that is the marque’s choice. Customers will have to choose between seven exterior colors.

Most of the versions in the DS 4 range come with 19-inch alloy wheels, but customers can also order 20-inch alloy wheels. Customers can enjoy an SAE Level 2 autonomous driving feature. This means that the vehicle can keep its distance from the car in front, come to a full stop if it does, and then start again once the latter is set in motion again.

The system can also perform semi-automatic overtaking, speed adjustment for corners, as well as adjusting the driving speed after the speed limit on signs.

The French company also implemented what it calls DS Active Scan Suspension, which is exclusive to the segment and uses a camera to actively adjust the suspension. It has four altitude sensors, three accelerometers, and a camera, which changes the softness of the dampers depending on the road surface ahead.

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