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2023 Acura TLX ( Overview )


2023 Acura TLX ( Overview ). HIGHS
– Tough to look away from, solid driving characteristics, Type S is a performance bargain.
– Lack of rear-seat legroom, not as quick as its rivals, finicky infotainment touchpad controller.
– Acura’s TLX sports sedan is poised and entertaining but doesn’t heat the water enough to be a boiling-hot performance sedan.

In many ways, the second-generation Acura TLX is a marked improvement over its predecessor. The four-cylinder engine and 10-speed automatic together are smoother and react more naturally to inputs than the previous V6 and nine-speed, and the interior is more upscale.

However, the TLX takes a step backward as well. The powertrain is a tad thirstier and slower than similar engines in rivals, but the biggest issue is the new touchpad controller for the infotainment system, which is often frustrating to use.

– Pros
Lots of features for the money
Available all-wheel-drive system enhances the TLX’s handling
Great sound quality from optional ELS audio system
– Cons
Infotainment touchpad controller is distracting to use
Rear seats can feel cramped
Not as quick or fuel-efficient as many rivals
– What’s new
Type S PMC version is hand-built with unique styling touches
Complimentary maintenance added for the first two services (two years/24,000 miles)
Part of the second TLX generation introduced for 2021

The second-generation Acura TLX was introduced just a few years ago, vastly improving what was a fine but mostly unexceptional sedan. New tech, new driver aids and updated powertrains accompanied new interior and exterior styling. What sets the TLX apart is that it offers all this tech, performance and premium features for much less than its rivals.


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