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2023 Dacia Jogger Extreme With Camping kit


2023 Dacia Jogger Extreme With Camping kit. Dacia’s new Extreme range is characterised by a design influenced by the outdoors and by features that enhance and bring the brand’s values to life in a very real way.

The Sleep Pack, so the adventure can continue through the night
Why should you have to leave behind a stunning view or a romantic spot on the banks of a river at the end of a beautiful day away from home? Dacia customers can now go from just being outdoors to living outdoors! Dacia’s
first item from the InNature accessory range, the innovative Sleep Pack can turn the Jogger into a bedroom for two in a matter of minutes.

The Sleep Pack consists of a wooden box, made to fit inside the Jogger’s boot, which unfolds in minutes to form a large double bed with mattress. The mattress covers the entire rear section of the car, from the back of the
front seats, over the folded-down row-2 bench seat*, and out over the tailgate. The final sleeping space is particularly generous, boasting190cm long, up to 130 cm wide, with a roof clearance of minimum 60 cm.
When the Sleep Pack box is completely closed in the Jogger’s boot area, it can provide up to 220 litres of storage, kept safely out of sight under the luggage cover.

The door of the Sleep Pack box can flip back to form a tray table that can be used to enjoy a meal comfortably under the protection of the Jogger’s open rear tailgate.

The Sleep Pack box weighs only 50 kg, so it can easily be removed from the car if required. It can fit any Jogger, including those already purchased by customers. Buyers can enhance their ‘bedroom’ with additional accessories
to optimise comfort. Accessories include blackout blinds for all windows and an outdoor tent that connects to the back of the Jogger for more spacious accommodation under the stars.

Smart, simple, and practical, the Sleep Pack is also excellent value for money. Priced at €1,490 if ordered when purchasing a brand-new Jogger or €1,790 when bought as an accessory to fit to a previously bought vehicle,
sleeping under the stars has never been so appealing.

*On the 7-seater Jogger, the two third row seats must be removed to install the Sleep Pack.

Source : Dacia

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