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2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 (1,025-hp) Launch Control & Exhaust Sound


2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 (1,025-hp) Launch Control & Exhaust Sound. Dodge just unveiled the 1,025 hp (764 kW / 1,039 PS) Challenger SRT Demon 170 and you’re undoubtedly asking yourself how much does it cost and when can I get one?

Production starts this summer and up to 3,300 units will be built. While the final number is contingent on “production capacity,” Dodge expects to build 3,000 Demons for the United States and another 300 for Canada.

U.S. pricing starts at $96,666 before destination and would-be buyers can check dealer allocations using the Horsepower Locator tool on DodgeGarage.com. Order books open on March 27th and “dealer orders at MSRP will receive priority scheduling.” That being said, markups seem inevitable so you might want to shop around and hope for the best.

Since a number of original Demon owners are expected to jump at the chance to get something more extreme, Dodge will enable them to get the ‘same’ vehicle identification number as their earlier model.

That isn’t the only perk as buyers will receive a Demon-themed decanter set that comes in a special box that sports their name as well as their vehicle’s VIN. The box also has a Demon 170 badge and a unique illustration on the inside top cover.

While the box is admittedly cool, the drinkware is the star of the show. It includes a devilish decanter and glasses as well as Demon-branded coasters and whiskey cubes.

The extras don’t end there as owners will get a custom instrument panel badge after delivery. They’re also invited to take part in a one-day SRT Experience class at the Radford Racing School in Chandler, Arizona.

Besides the freebies, customers can get a handful of unique options. Among them is a Goodwool mesh cover that protects the car’s exterior, while echoing its appearance. Buyers can also get a street wheel and tire package, a parachute mounting system, and a harness bar with coordinating carbon fiber rear seat delete inserts.

Lastly, those lucky enough to secure an order and take delivery will need to “sign a waiver acknowledging the unique characteristics of the Demon 170 as a purpose-built, street legal production drag car.”

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