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2023 Mercedes GLC SUV – Winter Testing / The next-Gen GLC


2023 Mercedes GLC SUV – Winter Testing / The next-Gen GLC. Even though spring temperatures have started to arrive, the next-generation GLC has to prove its full reliability in the most extreme weather conditions as part of its final winter test, specifically on snowy and icy roads, with high winds and temperatures of up to negative 30 degrees, all taking place at the demanding test site in Arjeplog, Sweden. During the final application and test work, Mercedes-Benz checks to see how the extreme cold effects handling, ergonomics, thermal management and interior comfort, thus guaranteeing the results of the “digital development work” in real-world driving situations.

The winter testing is an essential and important quality component of the development process. With it, Mercedes-Benz ensures the customer readiness of new model series as part of the last maturity level check. A test center set up specifically for winter tests in Lapland in northern Sweden provides extensive testing opportunities: hill climbs with gradients of up to 20 percent and test tracks with varying coefficients of friction as well as handling courses and skid pads on almost sheer ice pose the stiffest of challenges for the powertrain and control systems.

The new GLC demonstrates its excellent performance with warming up and thermal comfort, impressive overall acoustics and top driving comfort, maximum driving safety and outstanding driving dynamics as well as high performance of its major assemblies.

During the final tests, the last details are analyzed by the engineers on-site or in close coordination with the relevant development departments. The start of the production tests begins after the initial successful completion. Meanwhile, several 100,000 km (62,100 mi) are covered with the vehicles in various endurance tests as part of an endurance test run program. In a parallel, cars produced locally in China are tested so that they, too, achieve the high Mercedes-Benz quality standard.

The results show: the next-generation GLC is able to defy ice and snow as well as extreme cold and can master even the most demanding test cycles.
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