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2023 NIO ET5 Launch – Smart Mid-size Electric Sedan with 1,000 km range


2023 NIO ET5 Launch – Smart Mid-size Electric Sedan with 1,000 km range. Chinese premium EV maker Nio on Saturday revealed the newest addition to its range, the ET5 compact luxury sedan (even though technically, it is a liftback) that joins the larger ET7, setting its sights on Tesla’s popular Model 3 as well as other similarly sized electric sedans like the BMW i4.

The ET5 draws heavily on the ET7 with a very familiar interior and interior design in a more compact form. In fact, most would be hard pressed to separate the two without taking out a tape measure. Nevertheless, Nio’s new entry-level EV is a sleek and modern looking car with clean lines and a drag coefficient as low as 0.24, depending on the model.

Speaking of dimensions, the ET5 measures 4,790mm (188.6 in.) long, 1,960mm (77.2 in.) wide and 1,499mm (59.0 in.) tall, while riding on a 2,888mm (113.7 in.) wheelbase. That means it has a slightly bigger footprint than Tesla’s Model 3 that’s 184.8 in. long, 72.8 in. wide and 56.4 in. tall with a 113.2 in. wheelbase.

Nio’s new electric sedan is powered by twin electric motors rated at 150kW at the front and 210kW at the rear producing a combined 360kW or 483-hp and 700Nm or 516 lb-ft of torque. According to the carmaker, the ET5 can accelerate to 100km/h (62mph) in 4.3 seconds, while the in house-developed 4-piston fixed calipers with aluminum casting will allow it to come to a complete stop in 33.9 meters (111.2 ft) from the same speed.

In regards to driving range, per China’s light-duty vehicle test cycle (CLTC), the ET5 can reach over 550 km (+342 miles) with the 75 kWh Standard Range Battery, over 700 km (+435 miles) with the 100 kWh Long Range Battery, and in excess of 1,000 km (+621 miles) with the 150 kWh Ultralong Range Battery.

Other highlights include the brand’s NIO Autonomous Driving (NAD), NIO Aquila Super Sensing and NIO Adam Super Computing systems, which the Chinese company ubiquitously says will allow the ET5 to “gradually achieve a safe and reassuring autonomous driving experience in scenarios such as highways, urban areas, parking and battery swapping“. The NAD’s full suite of features will be gradually rolled after “development validation” and become available to Chinese owners via a RMB 680 (about $105) monthly subscription under ADaaS (AD as a Service) .

The minimal but sophisticated interior of the ET5 includes a 10.2-inch HDR instrument cluster and a large, tablet-style screen on the center console. It also comes with Nio’s PanoCinema, a panoramic digital cockpit featuring Augmented and Virtual reality tech. Nio says it collaborated with NREAL and Nolo to jointly develop the ET5’s AR and VR glasses respectively, with the former being able to project an effective screen size of 201-inches at 6 meters (20 ft), and the latter, offering a binocular 4K display effect. Other features include a 256-color curtain of ambient lighting, a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround sound system, and a UWB digital and smart key.

When Does It Go On Sale And For How Much?

The new Nio ET5 will arrive in Chinese dealerships in September of 2022 priced from RMB 328,000 (equivalent to around US$51,500 at current rates) before subsidies, and RMB 258,000 (US$40,500) with the so-called BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service). While Nio did not say when the ET5 will go on sale in markets outside China, it did confirm that it has been engineered to meet the five-star C-NCAP and Euro NCAP standards.

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