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2023 Rolls Royce Phantom – World’s Most Luxurious Car


2023 Rolls Royce Phantom – World’s Most Luxurious Car. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is the world’s most recognizable symbol of automotive extravagance and status. Its huge waterfall grille and classic upright proportions convey a simple and singular message: wealth goes here. Or maybe royalty. The 2023 Phantom also stands out in the ultimate-luxury car class for its price, which is hundreds of thousands higher than those of rivals such as the Bentley Flying Spur or the Mercedes-Maybach S-class. We can attest to the fact that slipping behind the Phantom’s wheel—better still, into its back seat through its rear-hinged coach doors—will make you feel like a member of the one-tenth-of-one-percent. To the Phantom’s credit, there’s probably not a more comfortable luxury car on the planet. It wafts down the road, floating serenely over pavement imperfections while pampering its passengers with an array of sumptuous interior materials. Meanwhile, its big V-12 engine hums away nearly silently under the Phantom’s long hood, providing effortless power. There’s seemingly no end to the customization opportunities offered by the factory, either. The only thing missing from the options list is a chauffeur, but that feature is sold separately.

The Phantom receives a light styling makeover for 2023 that includes updates to the car’s iconic Pantheon grille and revised headlamps that add a slightly more modern—but not too modern—appearance. New wheel designs round out the exterior enhancements, but should you want more than a “standard Rolls” the company is launching a limited-edition Phantom Platino model through its Bespoke coachbuilding service. The Platino wears special silver-white paint and features an interior covered in hand-embroidered silk, special leather, and bamboo fiber-based cloth.

Acres of wood, metal accents, and vast expanses of supple leather cover the cabin, which is no surprise for a car of this class. But there’s so much more: for instance, should you want to use your Phantom to support the arts, you can specify custom artwork in place of the standard instrument panel trim. Rolls-Royce offers both a standard- and long-wheelbase version of the Phantom, the latter stretched by 8.6 inches, much of which results as additional rear-seat legroom. Rear-hinged coach doors open to allow graceful and dramatic arrivals and departures. Rear-seat passengers can be treated to myriad luxuries such as deep-pile carpeted floor mats, power-adjustable seats with massage, a refrigerated console compartment for libations, remote controls for the infotainment system, and much, much more.

Speaking of infotainment, the Phantom comes standard with a large infotainment display artfully hidden behind a glass panel that stretches the full width of the dashboard. It’s controlled via a rotary knob on the center console. Lest you think that rear-seat passengers are left out of the technology loop, the Phantom also features touchscreens that motor down from each of the front seatbacks to provide access to the car’s audio and navigation systems, as well as a live-TV tuner so passengers won’t fall behind on their favorite shows or sports while on the way to their next engagement.

Pricing and Which One to Buy
$460,000 (est)
Extended Wheelbase
$540,000 (est)
Bespoke Platino
$650,000 (est)

One does not simply choose a Phantom—or any Rolls-Royce for that matter—off dealer lot. No. These cars are built to the exacting requirements of the millionaires and billionaires who purchase them—and these carriages of the rich are often customized down to the last detail. We won’t even begin to suggest which special-order options are worth adding because, well, how would we know? We would, however, suggest springing for the Extended Wheelbase model to take advantage of its limousine-like rear-seat legroom. As they say, go big or go home.
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