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2023 Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid – Interior, Exterior and Off-road Driving


2023 Suzuki S-Cross Hybrid – Interior, Exterior and Off-road Driving. In the new 140V full hybrid version, the Suzuki S-Cross highlights comfort and great versatility of use, especially in the variant equipped with all-wheel drive.
Characteristics emerged clearly during a test drive carried out in the Veronese hills that lead from Valpolicella to Valeggio sul Mincio.

Able to sail with the engine off for long stretches and to travel up to a couple of kilometers in electric mode (dosing the accelerator pedal properly), the Japanese crossover showed off unsuspected skills as a climber on the dirt roads surrounding the vineyards where it is produced. the famous Amarone. Equipped with three batteries, including an 840 Wh lithium-ion battery, it features an electric motor (MGU) that provides additional power to the vehicle of 24.6 kW and recharges the 140 V battery. increase the drive torque transferred to the drive shaft by 152 Nm and a second electric motor (ISG) acts as a starter and recharges one of the two 12 V batteries. All this, in combination with the new 1.5 petrol engine, guarantees reactivity, even off-road, and a total maximum power of 115 hp.

With the traction selector on ‘lock’ and the automatic transmission set to manual, the S-Corss 1.5 climbs rough and steep slopes more suited to a tractor than a SUV with a city look. On the road, on the other hand, it is pleasantly relaxed to drive, thanks to the smooth operation of the 6-speed automatic gearbox (included as standard) and the numerous safety systems. These, in case of distraction of the driver, are ready to slow it down or brake it until it stops and make it follow the lane without dangerous invasions beyond the continuous line.

The new S-Cross Hybrid 1.5 AT is offered in the only Starview trim, particularly rich: in addition to the infotainment with 9 “inch touch screen on the dashboard and Apple Car-play, among other things, the panoramic sunroof is standard. .
The latest addition that joins the 1.4 light hybrid in the list, can be ordered both with two-wheel drive (32,890 euros, turnkey), and all-wheel drive (35,590 euros).

The 4wd, due to its versatility of use, best highlights the qualities of a car that has one of its strengths in the completeness of its contents and which leads to the debut of the Suzuki Connect app for remote management of the vehicle (car localization , consumption control, headlight notifications on, etc.). With the launch promotion of 2,500 euros discount, provided in case of exchange of a used or scrapped vehicle, the 1.5 Hybrid becomes extremely interesting also for the wallet.

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