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2024 Audi A3 FACELIFT | What’s New ?


2024 Audi A3 FACELIFT | What’s New ?. An extensive upgrade for a successful model: The car with which Audi established the premium compact class in 1996, the A3, is sportier, more comfortable, and more digital than ever, thanks to its more progressive design, significantly extended standard equipment, and new materials and offers. Apps that can be used directly in the vehicle display, selectable daytime running light signatures, and the ability to add vehicle functions on demand any time enable a high degree of customization. The A3 allstreet, the distinctive crossover of the A3 family, is new to the market. With its characteristic off-road look, three centimeters of extra ground clearance compared to the A3 Sportback, and a raised seat position, the vehicle offers an SUV like driving experience combined with high functionality.

In Europe, the A3 models will initially be available in two engine/transmission versions. The 35 TFSII with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine has an output of 110 kW (150 PS) and is offered as an automatic version with seven-speed S tronic and mild hybrid technology at launch. The 35 TDI4 is the diesel model with 110 kW (150 PS) and a seven-speed S tronic. Additional gasoline and diesel versions of the A3 Sportback and A3 Sedan will follow in the second quarter. A plug-in hybrid model will be added to the range at the end of the year.

All A3 models roll off the production line at the Audi’s Ingolstadt plant and will be available to order from March. The Sportback with 35 TFSI S tronic starts at 35,650 euros in Germany. The additional charge for the Sedan is 800 euros. The A3 allstreet with 35 TFSII and 110 kW (150 PS) starts at 37,450 euros.

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