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2024 BYD Seal – Crash Tests


2024 BYD Seal – Crash Tests. 2024 BYD Seal – Crash Tests
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The electric BYD Seal sedan has received a five-star rating from ANCAP ahead of local deliveries beginning in December.

Its five-star rating is based on the latest 2023-25 testing criteria, and applies to all members of the Seal range.

It received an adult occupant protection rating of 89 per cent, a child occupant protection rating of 87 per cent, a vulnerable road user protection rating of 82 per cent, and a safety assist rating of 75 per cent.

ANCAP recorded Good ratings for child occupants in frontal offset and side impact tests, and it received full points for protection of the driver and child passengers in the side impact test and the driver in the oblique pole test.

It recorded Adequate ratings for protection of the driver’s chest and lower legs in the frontal offset test, and for the rear passenger’s chest in the full-width test.

Per the latest testing criteria, ANCAP also assessed the Seal’s ability to detect a cyclist passing the vehicle from the rear and warn the occupants accordingly.

The Seal has an audible warning to prevent what’s referred to as “dooring”, though the car won’t physically stop you from opening the door into the path of a cyclist.

Appropriately for a vehicle called the Seal, the electric BYD was subjected to submergence tests. ANCAP found the Seal’s doors could still be opened for the minimum required time period – two minutes – after vehicle power is lost following its entering a body of water.
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