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2024 Honda CR-V, Honda ZR-V, Honda eNy1– First Look / Features & Overview


2024 Honda CR-V, Honda ZR-V, Honda eNy1– First Look / Features & Overview. Honda has unveiled a trio of new electrified SUVs that signal the next step for the brand in Europe.

Shown at an event yesterday, the main highlight is the e:Ny1, a new compact electric SUV that will only be the brand’s second EV. Sharing similar looks to the hybrid HR-V, it sits on a different platform and gets a bespoke front-end and previews a design language that will be used across future electric Honda models.

Using a 68.8kWh battery, Honda claims a range of up to 256 miles for the SUV – almost double that of the Honda e city car – while packing a powerful 237bhp electric motor. However, it will only be able to charge at 100kW, meaning a 10 to 80 per cent charge will take 45 minutes.

Inside, it boasts a new interior layout, with the highlight being a huge 15.1-inch portrait touchscreen, which is by far the largest ever fitted to a Honda production car.

Honda also showcased its ZR-V in Europe for the first time, a new SUV that will be positioned between the HR-V and CR-V. Using the well-praised powertrain from the latest Civic hatchback, the firm promises an engaging driving experience.

The ZR-V’s interior design mirrors that of the Civic too, while the exterior is more curved than its more angular SUV siblings.

Last to be shown is the new CR-V, which now enters its sixth generation. While already on sale in the USA, this is the first time we’ve seen the version for this SUV in Europe. It grows in size and aims to ‘elevate the CR-V more towards the premium segment,’ according to Honda.

It’s also the first Honda in Europe that will be available as a plug-in hybrid, and boasts a claimed electric range of up to 51 miles. Just like on the current car, a regular hybrid version will also be available.

This latest CR-V is wider, longer and taller than the previous car, which aims to boost both passenger space and boot volume.

With the exception of the limited-numbers Civic Type R, all of Honda’s European line-up is now either a hybrid or electric. This trio of new electrified SUVs are due to arrive on UK roads before the end of the year.

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