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2024 Lexus LM Luxury Minivan USER EXPERIENCE


2024 Lexus LM Luxury Minivan USER EXPERIENCE. The new 2024 Lexus LM has been completely redesigned and features a larger body with sliding doors and a three-row layout with six or seven seats, as well as a swanky two-row configuration with only four seats, which is meant to be used as a chauffeur-driven MPV. The rear badge has been removed in favor of prominent “LEXUS” lettering, and the car has 19-inch wheels that look small in comparison to the vehicle’s size. The new LM is 3.1 inches longer, 1.5 inches wider, and 0.4 inches taller than its predecessor, but carries over the same wheelbase. The car features an enormous 48-inch display in front of the independent rear seats of the two-row model, a refrigerator, storage spaces, and a privacy glass with two-level dimming. Passengers can create a cozy atmosphere by playing with the 64-color ambient lighting that comes with 14 built-in themes and 50 custom hues. The LM also includes an infrared sensor mounted on the upper center portion of the partition to detect the temperature of the rear-seat occupant’s face, chest, thighs, and lower legs, which enables the AC to be automatically adjusted for utmost comfort. The car will be available with a turbocharged 2.4-liter hybrid powertrain and a 2.5-liter hybrid, and will feature 225/R19 tires but the global model will also be offered with smaller 17-inch wheels and 225/65 R17 rubber. Torsional rigidity is up by 50 percent compared to the first-gen model, while an adaptive suspension uses a frequency-sensitive piston valve in the shock absorber to iron out road imperfections.

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