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2024 Nissan Z NISMO (420HP) Unleashed on Lake Mountain


2024 Nissan Z NISMO (420HP) Unleashed on Lake Mountain. The most performance-focused model in the Z range is now available for order through Nissan Australia dealerships, with the Z NISMO taking on one of the country’s most challenging — and exhilarating — hill climbs to celebrate its arrival.

Lake Mountain is one of Australia’s most-celebrated roads, and a favourite for performance-car testing, owing both to the number and variety of corners along its 20km length.

Climbing from Marysville in Victoria to the top of the Cathedral Range State Park, it’s also a road that could have been tailor-made for the Nissan Z NISMO, with demanding tarmac, challenging corners and plenty of surfaces for the rich exhaust note — enhanced by the NISMO-tuned Active Sound Control — and the roar of the 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged petrol V6 to bounce off.

The NISMO is the most powerful model in the Z range, increasing its already generous outputs by 11kW and 45Nm — now 309kW and 520Nm. But the performance upgrades don’t stop there.

A NISMO-tuned nine-speed automatic with paddle shifters is deployed for maximum acceleration and driver control, while wider and lighter wheels (+0.5-inches), bigger brakes (front brake rotors +25mm) and enhanced engine cooling all combine to increase agility, stopping power and performance.

Elsewhere, NISMO aerodynamic enhancements, a new NISMO Sport+ Driving Mode, NISMO-tuned Launch Control, NISMO tuned suspension and anti-roll bars and NISMO branded RECARO® seats complete the perfect performance package.

Nissan Z NISMO specifications:
$94,000 (MSRP)

Power increased to 309kW (+11kW) and 520Nm (+45Nm)
NISMO-tuned 9 speed automatic with paddle shifters
New NISMO styling – exterior and interior
Gloss black RAYS® 19-inch wheels (0.5″ wider Fr & Rr & lighter)
Enhanced Engine cooling
Bigger front brake rotors (+25mm)
NISMO aerodynamic enhancements
NISMO chassis, tyre and wheel enhancements
NISMO Sport+ Driving Mode
NISMO-tuned Launch Control
NISMO-tuned Active Sound Control
NISMO branded RECARO® seats
Heated and powered front seats not available on Z NISMO

Source : Nissan

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