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2024 Volkswagen ID.7 – Exterior and Interior Details / New electric Passat


2024 Volkswagen ID.7 – Exterior and Interior Details / New electric Passat. The biggest, slipperiest Volkswagen electric sedan, the ID.7 will hit US streets next year – a year after it goes into production for Europe and China.

With a claimed 700km of WLTP-tested EV range, the ID.7 will be priced at around $50,000 to fall into the price point of established EV foes like the Polestar 2, the Tesla Model 3 and the BMW i4.

While its European range is likely to translate into an EPA figure closer to 350 miles, the ID.7 will still be a big step forward for Volkswagen’s MEB electric-vehicle architecture.

Boasting either a 77kWh (net) for the ID.7 Pro or 86kWh (net, in the ID.7 Pro S) lithium-ion battery pack, the ID.7 will use Volkswagen’s first home-developed electric motor, dubbed APP550, which will sit on the rear axle.

With 210kW (282hp), the ID.7 will top its little ID.4 brother by just over 80hp and trump it for range by more than 100 miles, helped by a slippery aerodynamic drag figure of 0.24 – headed in the price point only by the Hyundai Ioniq 6’s 0.22.

It’s longer than the ID.Buzz, at 4961mm overall, but has a slightly shorter wheelbase, which is still a limousine-like 2966mm between the axles.

Volkswagen hasn’t made any claims for charging times, though it runs a 400-Volt electrical system and the Pro version charges at 170kW (same as the ID.Buzz) and the Pro S can pump in energy at 200kW.

Both versions are a step forward from the ID.4, which has a maximum charging rate of 135kW, but are some way behind the best from Porsche and even Hyundai, which has up to 350kW of charging speed.

There is a new trick that automatically preconditions the battery on approach whenever the driver approaches a programmed-in fast-charger on the navigation system.

The longer-range ID.7 Pro S ekes out 85km more WLTP range than the stock ID.7 Pro, with Volkswagen claiming a WLTP figure of 700km, or 190km more than the ID.4 and 220km more than the entry-level ID.Buzz.

The electric motor has been overhauled from ID.Buzz work, and now has a stator with a larger effective number of windings, a greater effective wire cross-section, and a water heat-sink and an oil-and-water cooling system for thermal stability.

There’s also a new inverter, sitting alongside the motor and the two-stage, single-speed gearbox (whatever that is, and we will hear more from Volkswagen on this soon) on the rear axle.

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