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2025 Mercedes G-Class facelift


2025 Mercedes G-Class facelift. Mercedes-Benz has once again reinforced its prestigious standing in the luxury off-road segment with the latest unveiling of the all-new G-Class models. Celebrated for its robust design since 1979, the G-Class continues to blend its rugged off-road essence with the sophistication of modern luxury. The new lineup not only boasts a broad spectrum of drive options but also introduces an array of customization possibilities, ensuring that the G-Class maintains its iconic status while adapting to the demands of contemporary drivers.

Launching with a starting price of 122,808 euros, the newest iteration of the G-Class is set to redefine adventure driving. It incorporates electrified drive systems for enhanced performance, modern driver assistance technologies for safety and convenience, and a leap forward in comfort and digitalization. Markus Schäfer of Mercedes-Benz Group AG highlights this model as a pinnacle of off-road and digital driving experiences, merging top-notch navigation with the pioneering MBUX infotainment system.

True to its roots, the all-new G-Class remains committed to exceptional off-road capabilities, underpinned by its classic ladder-frame design, differential locks, and LOW RANGE gear reduction. The vehicle’s off-road prowess is further underscored by impressive specifications, including up to 100% gradeability on suitable surfaces, significant ground clearance, and the ability to ford through water and mud up to 70 cm deep.

In terms of versatility, the G-Class has expanded its range to include performance models from Mercedes-AMG, the G 450 d, and the G 500, all benefiting from electrification through 48-volt technology. This advancement not only boosts performance but also reduces fuel consumption, with plans for a fully electric G-Class variant to further broaden the lineup.

Despite evolving with technological advancements and performance enhancements, the G-Class remains loyal to its distinctive design ethos, with only subtle exterior modifications. These updates, including a redesigned radiator grille and bumpers, contribute to improved aerodynamics and comfort. The interior combines luxury with functionality, featuring the advanced MBUX system, optional luxury amenities like KEYLESS-GO and the Burmester® 3D sound system, alongside a wealth of safety and assistance systems.

With its latest iteration, the G-Class continues to stand as a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to blending traditional off-road ruggedness with modern luxury and technological innovation, ensuring its iconic status for years to come.

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