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2025 Porsche Macan EV Prototype Pushed to the Limit! (612 HP)


2025 Porsche Macan EV Prototype Pushed to the Limit! (612 HP). Porsche is putting the prototype of the all-electric Macan through an exacting and gruelling test programme to prepare the follow-up to the successful SUV for its upcoming world premiere. The vehicle is a completely new development. Porsche’s engineers have spared no expense during its development and testing.

Wiegand and his team measured a drag coefficient of 0.25 (previously 0.35). All of which makes the new Macan one of the most aerodynamic SUVs – with a major impact on efficiency. The ranges according to WLTP will be more than 500 km for all variants.

The DC charging capacity for the new Macan at 800-volt charging stations is up to 270 kW. The charge level can be increased from 10 to 80 per cent in less than 22 minutes at 400-volt charging stations, a high-voltage switch in the battery enables bank charging by effectively splitting the 800-volt battery into two batteries, each with a rated voltage of 400 volts. This enables particularly efficient charging, without an additional HV booster, at up to 150 kW. AC charging is possible with up to 11 kW.

Porsche exclusively uses the latest generation of permanently-excited PSM motors on the front and rear axles. They provide overboost power of more than 450 kW, offer excellent efficiency and enable optimum reproducibility of the power output. The electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management manages the distribution of the more than 1,000 Nm of torque with Launch Control in the top model in almost real time. To offer the broad spectrum between high performance and comfort for which the Macan is known, the engineers have deployed a Porsche Active Suspension Management system with two-valve damper technology, air suspension, rear-axle transverse lock and, for the first time, rear-axle steering with a steering angle of up to five degrees.


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