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2025 Volvo EX30.


2025 Volvo EX30.. 2025 Volvo EX30. Milan, italy — volvo is launching the new ex30, an electric-powered suv that sits below the xc40 and c40 recharge. 4.23 meters long, 2.00 meters wide, 1.55 meters high, with a wheelbase of 2.65 meters, the volvo ex30 competes with the new hyundai kona ev in terms of format. In terms of style, we find the influence of the ex90, the ex30 displaying very sober lines and a minimalist look typical of the swedish brand. As it is an electric vehicle, we notice its front part with closed grille and a new interpretation of thors hammers for its optical blocks. Five body colors are on the program, some of which like cloud blue and moss yellow are very expressive.

The volvo ex30 has an nmc (nickel, manganese, cobalt) battery with a total capacity of 69 kwh, of which 64 kwh is useful. The single-motor version, called the ex 30 single motor extended range, develops 268 horsepower and a peak torque of 253 lb-ft. Its autonomy is estimated at 442.5 kilometers according to the standard of the epa ( environmental protection agency ) in the united states. The twin-motor version, named ex30 twin motor performance, offers a combined output of 422 horsepower and a maximum torque of 400 lb-ft. This makes it the fastest accelerating volvo vehicle with a 0-100 km/h time of 3.6 seconds. Logically, its range is reduced: the epa estimates it at 426.5 kilometres.


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