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2025 VW California Campervan – High-tech, More Space and Hybrid Power!


2025 VW California Campervan – High-tech, More Space and Hybrid Power!. In this video, we take a detailed look at the 2025 VW California Campervan, showcasing its high-tech features, spacious design, and impressive hybrid power system. Join us as we explore the future of camping with this innovative and eco-friendly vehicle. Don’t miss out on this exclusive review of the ultimate campervan for your next adventure!

Calling all adventure seekers! 4Drivetime takes you on a tour of the all-new 2025 Volkswagen California campervan. We’ll explore the upgrades that make the 2025 California the perfect companion for your next road trip. From the exterior design to innovative high-tech features to the spacious, redesigned interior, the California is ready to take your off-the-grid adventures to new heights. Is this the perfect blend of comfort, technology, and eco-friendly exploration for you?

Reveal (Highlights) 00:00
California Beach & California Ocean 01:00
California Ocean exterior and interior 01:22
California Beach exterior and interior 05:08
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