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2026 Rivian R2, R3 and R3X World Premiere – Full details


2026 Rivian R2, R3 and R3X World Premiere – Full details. Get the full scoop on the 2026 Rivian R2, R3, and R3X in their world premiere, unveiling a more affordable lineup of electric SUVs with comprehensive details.

The future of electric SUVs is here! Join 4drivetime as we witness the world premiere of the highly anticipated 2026 Rivian R2, R3, and R3X – a trio of all-electric SUVs designed to conquer any adventure!

This video is your comprehensive guide to Rivian’s expanding electric vehicle lineup.

Unveiling the All-Electric Trinity! We’ll explore the unique features of each SUV:

Rivian R2: The affordable and versatile option, perfect for everyday adventures.
Rivian R3: The balance between size and capability, ideal for exploring off-road terrains.
Rivian R3X: The ultimate off-road beast, designed for conquering the toughest challenges.
Discover what sets them apart! We’ll compare their:

Range and performance capabilities.
Cargo space and passenger capacity.
Off-road prowess and technological features.
Is the 2026 Rivian lineup a game-changer for the electric SUV market?

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in:
The future of electric SUVs.
Exploring the features and capabilities of the 2026 Rivian R2, R3, and R3X.
Choosing the perfect electric Rivian SUV for their adventurous lifestyle.
Stay tuned for our upcoming videos! We’ll take you on a test drive of one of the Rivian models, allowing you to experience its electric power and off-road capabilities firsthand!

Rivian R2 reveal 00:00
Rivian R3 reveal 11:05
Rivian R3X reveal 16:57
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