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240HP Abarth 600e | Most Powerful Abarth Ever


240HP Abarth 600e | Most Powerful Abarth Ever. Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport are proud to announce a new collaboration which aims to set a new standard in the electric automotive world with the birth of the most powerful Abarth ever thanks to its 240hp. The partnership is a tribute to Abarth’s racing history. In fact, competitions have always been part of its DNA. Thanks to the brand’s technological “transfer”, the most innovative solutions – tested on the track to increase performance and reliability – have always been adopted on normal production cars to ensure a thrilling driving experience. The same holds true for Motorsport, the vital entity of the Stellantis Group responsible for the racing activities of the corporation’s brands, divisions, and subsidiaries.

Together Abarth and Motorsport have crafted a platform, one which is composed of a distilled blend of technologies, racing expertise, engineering know-how and thousands of hours of testing to give the birth to this high-performance project: a new platform based on the well-known eCMP, now renamed Perfo-eCMP.

Each single technical element has been analyzed, refined, and tuned by a joint team of engineers, experts, and testers from both Abarth and Motorsport to create the best package. The outcome is a jewel, a new shining star equipped with high performance powertrain and suspensions with a dedicated setup to secure handling, dynamic and stability, as well as to trace the most effective trajectories and guarantee excellent racing dynamics in all kinds of conditions. To further contribute to the excellence in performance, the new Abarth is also equipped with a unique limited slip differential which was developed for the specific needs of a BEV powertrain and accommodated to its dynamic characteristics.

The result is the most powerful Abarth ever, a project marked by innovation and extreme performance—one which is not just the outcome of a simple tuning; a new benchmark in which a majestic piece of architecture works in tandem with an extremely high-performing engine encapsulated in an optimized chassis.

The new Abarth will be equipped with 240 hp and an advanced braking system, which offers more power and stability thanks to bigger brake discs and larger disc surfaces for a better heat dissipation and fading resistance.

Developed from experience in Formula E competitions, the new tires ensure maximum grip without compromising on range and acoustics. Thanks to the softer compound tread on the exterior and center area, they provide extra grip when cornering and improved range, while the polyurethane insert ensures acoustic insulation (-20% perceived noise level).

Inside, the high-comfort seats with racing ergonomics contribute to a comfortable ride even on the “most extreme journeys”. Made up of 4 different foams for optimized support on each area of the body, the high-performance seats feature an enveloping shape to contain on bends and emphasize lateral support. The higher density foam guarantees high durability.

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