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$30M Rolls-Royce ARCADIA Droptail Coachbuild


$30M Rolls-Royce ARCADIA Droptail Coachbuild. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is delighted to present Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail, an exquisite coachbuilt expression of tranquillity. Arcadia Droptail is the epitome of quiet irreverence, celebrating purity of form and natural materials while serving as a bold statement of the client’s personal taste.

6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 – 620bhp

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presents Arcadia, the third Coachbuild Droptail commission

Celebration of the form: uniquely pure reflection of Droptail’s principal design

Features most complex clock face in Rolls-Royce history. Assembly alone took five months

Wood sections took 8,000 hours to create

Commission named after Arcadia, a place known in Ancient Greek mythology as ‘Heaven on Earth’

Droptail is the first roadster body style in Rolls-Royce’s modern history

Coachbuilt masterpiece presented to commissioning client at private ceremony in Singapore

Price tag of $30M (estimated)

Source : Rolls-Royce

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