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A new electric player is added to Genesis: the electrified GV70.


A new electric player is added to Genesis: the electrified GV70.. A new electric player is added to Genesis: the electrified GV70. Korean luxury brand Genesis is adding an all-new all-electric SUV to its lineup, the 2023 electrified GV70. Placed just above the GV60 , the GV70 is marketed as an SUV, while the GV60 is categorized as a crossover instead.

On the aesthetic level, the Korean SUV affirms its identity more than ever. Like the other Genesis products, it notably sports the two-level headlights and lights and the G-Matrix motif affixed to the grille. The rear bumper is unique to the electrified version, as are the available 19- or 20-inch wheels.

Driver Focused.

The passenger compartment is driver-oriented, meaning that all the controls for the multimedia system and the temperature are geared towards the driver. Similar to the gasoline-powered GV70, the interior is replete with several aesthetic niceties to enhance luxury and comfort.

See, for example, the stitching found on the dashboard, steering wheel and center console. The many lights in the doors and around the air conditioning system also enhance the atmosphere inside. Additionally, Genesis employs an eco-friendly material using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and trash netting.

All-wheel drive.

Thanks to its two motors placed on each axle, the electric GV70 benefits from all-wheel drive, but also from great power. It has 429 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque. By pressing the Boost mode located on the steering wheel, the driver will have access to a temporary power of 483 horsepower and 516 lb-ft.

Like the Genesis GV60, the GV70 will employ a 77.4 kWh battery. However, the autonomy has not yet been disclosed. But since it’s the same powertrain as the GV60 Performance, it should be around 378 kilometers – a rating that seems realistic, because the dashboard showed 384 km…

What about charging? Recovering 10 to 80% of the electrons can be done in 18 minutes or in 73 minutes, if you use a terminal of 350 kW or 50 kW respectively. A type 2 terminal will allow you to fill 100% of the battery in about seven hours.

In addition, this SUV will be equipped with the Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function or bidirectional charging, which gives it the possibility of recharging other electric vehicles or household appliances during a power outage.

Lots of technology.

The electrified GV70 is the first electric vehicle from the brand to be equipped with E-Terrain mode, adding Snow, Mud and Sand modes to the other modes dedicated to the road. It will also be equipped with a standard electrically controlled suspension.

Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD redistributes the correct amount of torque to each wheel using engine braking and drive force.

For ideal soundproofing, the SUV relies on optimal sound absorption, an insulating cabin design and ANC-R (Active Noise Control – Road) technology – or active noise control.

And, unsurprisingly, numerous safety and driver assistance systems will come as standard. Among these are the lane keeping system, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and rear cross traffic alert.

The electrified 2023 Genesis GV70 will be released in three distinct versions. More details on pricing and versions will be revealed later. Its on-sale date remains undetermined, for the moment.
00:00 A new electric player is added to Genesis the electrified GV70.
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