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Aehra SUV (2025) High-Tech Italian SUV


Aehra SUV (2025) High-Tech Italian SUV. AEHRA, a new global ultra premium electric automotive brand, has released images and details of the interior of its first vehicle, an all-new SUV. With an exceptional three-meter wheelbase, the AEHRA SUV provides class-leading occupant space and sets new standards for comfort, technology, materials, and usability.

AEHRA’s bold strategy to unlock the full potential that an EV platform affords, has not only resulted in an avantgarde exterior design, but also delivered a revolutionary interior concept. The vehicle’s exceptionally short overhangs, long wheelbase and completely flat floor have enabled AEHRA’s designers to create a unique solution that transforms the interior environment for drivers and passengers alike.

One of the most innovative and captivating features of the AEHRA SUV’s cabin is the unique full-dashboard-width HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen, which delivers a true step-change in entertainment and in-vehicle working.

When the SUV is in drive mode, the screen sits in a lower position, to display all the information the driver requires, such as speed, range, heating and ventilation settings and navigational instructions. The two outer areas of the screen serve as virtual exterior mirrors, relaying high-definition images from two front exterior side cameras. When the vehicle is parked, occupants can choose to extend the screen upwards, instantly transforming the AEHRA into a home theater or an office environment.

This is a direct result of the game-changing approach taken by AEHRA to the exterior shape of its first model. In traditional vehicle layouts the interior dimensions do not allow the front row passengers to operate such a flexible and expansive HMI screen because it would sit too close to their eyes. AEHRA has filed a patent for this solution and it believes it will set new standards in terms of productivity and entertainment inside a vehicle.

The Italian-American company has been substantially self-funded so far, and is finalizing its first external investors round. The brand unveiled its elegant SUV in October 2022, and will follow with a sophisticated Sedan in April 2023. Deliveries are expected to start in late 2025. A strategic model roll out is planned for key markets, including North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States.

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