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Alfa Romeo Montreal Plays With Light


Alfa Romeo Montreal Plays With Light. “My general rule for cars that I purchase and drive is the aesthetic has to have a unique design, and there has to be a performance piece,” says TJ Grewal, owner of this Alfa Romeo Montreal sports car. “I’d never ever seen one in person, but I just knew that I was in love with the design.”

“The first time I ever saw a Montreal, was this one.”

His relationship with his cars is somewhat different from most, as they seem to dovetail with his other big hobby: photography. What started as capturing landscapes for TJ quickly turned into honoring his small but growing collection. “The professional side of life pays for everything else—this is the creative outlet. I want the car to be the hero, I want it to feel timeless.”

“It went really quickly from fooling around with a constant light in the garage at a home to this setup, it was like, [snaps fingers] this is what I’m going to do…”

For the Montreal, its 2.6-litre V8 with about 230 horsepower is “really happy around 90-100 mph” says TJ, with the car a perfect companion for a laid-back drive on a winding road.

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