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Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2018) Ready to fight BMW X3 [YOUCAR]


Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2018) Ready to fight BMW X3 [YOUCAR]. The Alfa Romeo SUV is born, delivering a thrilling driving experience, outstanding performance and sporty style. For the first time in more than a century of history, these distinctive features of the genuine “Alfa spirit” have now come together in a SUV.
Alfa Romeo has decided to stun the public with three new versions – Stelvio, Stelvio Super and Stelvio Business – all ready to enjoy an enthusiastic welcome from the many fans who have already ensured the success of the exclusive “First Edition”, launched a few weeks ago at EMEA, and before that of the Quadrifoglio version.

Apart from its distinctive style and excellent handling, Alfa Romeo Stelvio reveals all its character with two powerful engines – 280 HP 2.0 Turbocharged petrol-fuelled and 2.2 Diesel of 210 HP – which express all the SUV’s sporty personality, guaranteed to give even the most skilled driver unique thrills, especially on mixed terrains. Combined with the automatic 8-speed transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive, these engines belong to a new-generation of all-aluminium four-cylinder units with carbon fibre drive shaft. Innovative and reliable, the Stelvio engines are the peak of the Group’s technology and are built in Italy at the Termoli (petrol) and Pratola Serra (Diesel) plants, in areas assigned only to Alfa Romeo engines, with state-of-the-art processes and methods that put them at the top of their class in terms of performance and fuel economy. One fact will speak for all: the Stelvio 2.0 280 HP turbocharged Petrol engine is best in class in terms of acceleration, powering from 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in just 5.7 seconds.
The range will be completed with new engines including the 200 HP 2.0 Turbocharged petrol-fuelled and the 180 HP 2.2 Diesel, both with an automatic 8-speed transmission and Q4 all-wheel drive. The 180 HP 2.2 Diesel will also be available with real wheel drive.

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