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Alfa Romeo Stelvio INTERIOR


Alfa Romeo Stelvio INTERIOR. The SUV Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s interior has plenty of room available for passengers to enjoy and share the pleasure of travelling. But that’s not all. The model gives the driver a feeling of complete control and mastery of the road, thanks to the new Alfa DNA selector but above all to the high driving position, which does not detract in the slightest from the driving pleasure expected of a genuine Alfa Romeo sports car. It also ensures a high level of on-board comfort with the dual zone climate control system, the sophisticated Alfa Connect infotainment system and a fine audio system, with 8, 10 or 14 speakers (in this case by Harman Kardon) depending on version. Last but not least, the 525 litre boot is in line with the best competitors and has a convenient electric tailgate that can be set with eight different opening levels, directly from the Alfa Rotary selector. The Stelvio SUV is tailored in all respects to embody Italian good companionship, comfort and taste.

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