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Alfa Romeo Tipo 33: The Racers’ Reunion


Alfa Romeo Tipo 33: The Racers’ Reunion. Gather up a handful of some choice racing cars along with a trio of top drivers who brought them to the podiums in the period and you’re bound to have a good day at the track. If those cars happen to be a trio of Alfa Romeo Tipo 33s, the drivers have the last names of Bell, Merzario, and Galli, and it’s all going down at speed on the same track these cars were developed on decades ago? There’s really no room for improvement if you’re a cross and serpent devotee. Join us as we accompany these racing legends—both human and machine—for an unbeatable track day at FCA’s private test circuit in Balocco, Italy.

See the photoshoot and further info on these champions here: https://petro.li/AlfaRomeo33

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