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All-New 2024 Lexus LM | Luxury MPV With 48-Inch Screen


All-New 2024 Lexus LM | Luxury MPV With 48-Inch Screen. At Auto Shanghai 2023, Lexus celebrated the world premiere of the all-new Lexus LM. Beginning with the key luxury MPV market of China, the second-generation LM will be launched in over 60 countries worldwide, including for the first time in Europe and Lexus’s home market of Japan.

In addition to the three-row 6- and 7-seat configurations, the new LM is available as a 4-seat model designed for dedicated use as a chauffeur-driven MPV.

A partition separates the front and rear seats. The upper portion houses a retractable glass window with dimming function, offering two levels of privacy without sacrificing a feeling of airiness. Below is a large 48-inch widescreen display that can be used for a variety of purposes including online meetings and entertainment. A refrigerator and storage spaces are located under the display.

Main Specifications
Overall Length 5,125 mm
Overall Width 1,890 mm
Overall Height 1,955mm
Wheelbase 3,000 mm
2.4L inline 4-cylinder turbo hybrid system with eAxle
2.5L inline 4-cylinder hybrid system with E-Four/FF

Source : Lexus

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