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All-New MINI ACEMAN 2024 | All the Details You Need to Know


All-New MINI ACEMAN 2024 | All the Details You Need to Know. MINI celebrates the premiere of the first SUV model for the premium small car segment with the debut of the MINI Aceman. Combining compact exterior dimensions with spacious interiors and an all-electric drive, the MINI Aceman embodies a contemporary interpretation of Sir Alec Issigonis’ vision. With room for five passengers and an immersive digital user experience, MINI Aceman offers a refreshing take on urban mobility while retaining the iconic MINI go-kart feeling. Its innovative design, electric propulsion, and advanced assistance systems pave the way for an electrifying MINI future, ensuring a resounding success in the premium small car segment.

Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI, lauds the MINI Aceman for its exciting addition to the all-electric lineup, emphasizing its perfect fit for urban navigation with crossover versatility and MINI’s signature go-kart feeling. The sleek design, performance, and spacious 5-seater configuration promise a compelling package that’s bound to captivate drivers.

Externally, the MINI Aceman exudes sporty agility with compact proportions, boasting robust contours, and a commanding presence. Its aerodynamic design, combined with all-electric propulsion, not only enhances efficiency but also offers ample interior space and a predicted range of up to 406 kilometers. The MINI Aceman stands out with its expressive body finishes, customizable trims, and distinctive exterior details, ensuring a dynamic presence on the road.

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