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Amilcar Pégase G36: Joie de Vivre


Amilcar Pégase G36: Joie de Vivre. In the years after the Second World War, this blue boattail roadster could be seen racing around the French coastline with a woman and her dog occupying the two seats. Mrs. Roux and her faithful furry companion, Mowgli, were not your typical participants in motorsport, but their’s was a story that captivated Michel Lampidakis, the current owner of this Amilcar Pégase G36. He is quick to point out that other race cars of the day were more technologically advanced and robust, but those measures seem hardly to matter this many years after the fact. Michel finds great enjoyment in owning this little-known piece of French racing history, and he doesn’t just let it sit to collect dust either, as you can see in today’s film where he invites us out for a ride in the French countryside

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