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ARMORED BMW 7 Series IMPRESSIVE Security Driver Training


ARMORED BMW 7 Series IMPRESSIVE Security Driver Training. BMW has been setting standards in the development and production of special protection vehicles that combine the driving experience typical of the brand with the highest safety standards for more than four decades. Professional drivers need special knowledge and skills in order to be able to exploit the full potential of these armoured vehicles, which are equipped with special safety-relevant functions, in everyday use. These are taught in the BMW Security Vehicle Training courses.

The training programmes are designed for professional drivers who want to improve their skills in handling special-protection vehicles in order to be optimally prepared for extreme situations. As one of Europe’s most renowned test and inspection centres for vehicle safety, the training centre in Groß Dölln near Berlin provides the ideal setting. The former military airfield, where the authorities also train their emergency services, was converted into a state-of-the-art driving centre in 2002 and is now the perfect venue for theory lessons and driving exercises for BMW Security Vehicle Training.

The globally unique protection concept includes the BMW Protection Core, which was already used in the development of the regular BMW 7 Series. It forms a self-supporting protection cell made of armour-plated steel, which is combined with protected doors, underbody armour and safety glass. The BMW 7 Series Protection and the BMW i7 Protection are classified in resistance class VR9 according to the internationally recognised official test criteria of the Association of Test Centres for Attack-Resistant Materials and Constructions (VPAM). The glass even meets the requirements of the highest resistance class for civilian special protection vehicles, VPAM 10. As an option, the new BMW 7 Series Protection is also available with partial protection in defined areas of the body against VPAM 10 ammunition.

Model-specific suspension technology, which is precisely matched to the weight of the special protection, ensures high agility and superior performance even in dangerous situations. Unique features include integral active steering as standard and 20-inch alloy wheels with PAX tyres, which allow the vehicle to continue driving even in the event of a complete loss of air pressure. Only a few details distinguish the special Protection models from the standard BMW 7 Series with M Sport Package. The BMW 7 Series Protection is powered by a 390 kW/530 hp V8 engine. The BMW i7 Protection is the world’s first certified special protection sedan with a all-electric drive. Its two electric motors generate a system output of up to 400 kW/544 hp.

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