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BMW Augmented Reality Glasses | CES 2024


BMW Augmented Reality Glasses | CES 2024. Ready for the wearables of the future – enhanced driving experience with XREAL Air 2 augmented reality glasses.

The CES show also sees the BMW Group demonstrate for the first time how augmented reality (AR) glasses are set to enrich the driving experience in future. Visitors can test the possible uses of AR glasses for themselves on a drive through Las Vegas. Wearing the glasses, they can see how navigation instructions, hazard warnings, entertainment content, information on charging stations and supporting visualisations in parking situations are embedded perfectly into the real-world environment by the “XREAL Air 2”. AR and mixed reality (MR) devices will become increasingly popular in the next few years, thanks to technological advances and entry-level models that are more affordable for customers. In future, AR and MR devices will be able to offer both drivers and passengers enhanced information and enjoyable experiences to complement the displays fitted in the vehicle.

The BMW Group has been working on the development of AR/MR technology since 2008 and investigating possible applications for head-mounted displays in research projects. The BMW engineers, together with their development partners, have now succeeded in showing stable augmented reality and mixed reality content to passengers in a dynamically moving vehicle for the first time. The displayed image remains securely embedded in the environment even in challenging driving situations, such as when turning, driving over large bumps or accelerating. To achieve this, the tracking system of the AR/MR device in question has to be linked to the vehicle’s sensor data.

The BMW Group has consistently built up its pool of experience with AR/MR devices over the years and presented the results to the public. These include the initial MINI Augmented Vision project (2015), the collaboration with Meta Reality Labs (2022 & 2023), the ConnectedRide Smartglasses from BMW Motorrad and the M Mixed Reality Driving Experience. The Augmented View function in current BMW and MINI models shows drivers a live video stream on the display that is augmented with additional information for optimum guidance when using the navigation system. In the area of highly innovative, vehicle-related XR applications, the BMW Group has filed patents for almost 70 inventions from its developers in recent years.

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