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BMW i7 2023: the most powerful 7 Series is electric.


BMW i7 2023: the most powerful 7 Series is electric.. BMW i7 2023: the most powerful 7 Series is electric. BMW unveiled the i7 electric-powered luxury sedan, the new 7 Series and a facelifted X7 SUV on the sidelines of the New York Auto Show.

During these presentations, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse emphasized the brand’s strategy with respect to the development of new models.

True to this strategy, which consists of developing vehicles with thermal, hybrid and electric engines on a common architecture, the German manufacturer will therefore offer several variants of its new 7 Series powered by various engines on the Canadian market. Initially, the new 7 Series will be offered with a biturbo V8 engine, codenamed S68, for the 760Li xDrive, and the new electric-powered i7 xDrive60, which is the real star of this launch, will arrive on the market at the same time.

The BMW i7 xDrive60 is powered by two electric motors powered by a battery with a capacity of 107 kWh. It will be capable of an anticipated range of 480 kilometers, according to the American standard of the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ).

The advertised power of this i7 is 536 horsepower, equivalent to that of the biturbo V8 of the BMW 760Li xDrive, which should allow the i7 to complete the 0 to 100 km / h in five seconds. The commercialization in Canada of the 7 Series with V8 biturbo engine and the i7 with electric motor is scheduled for the fall of 2022. Remarkably, there is parity on price since the i7 xDrive60 and the 760Li xDrive will both have the same starting price of $147,000. In 2023, a 7 Series with a plug-in hybrid engine, i.e. the 750th xDrive deploying 483 horsepower, will be added to the catalog.

New design.

During this presentation, Domagoj Dukec, BMW’s Head of Design, told us about the brand’s new design language, which is expressed by the adoption of oversized kidney grilles surrounded by a luminous strip of very beautiful effect. . The daytime running lights are very slender and overhang the dipped and main beam headlights. Several colors will be offered for the 7 Series and the i7.

But the ace up the sleeve of these luxury saloons, whether they have internal combustion, hybrid or electric engines, is the new interior design, which is designed to make the 7 Series and the i7 real living rooms. on wheels.

In the front seats, we immediately notice the curved screen, inaugurated on the recent i4 and iX with electric motors, and the presence of the eighth generation of the iDrive telematics system. In addition, the design of the passenger compartment demonstrates great refinement that evokes very great luxury without being ostentatious.

A 31.1 inch screen!

The space granted to the rear passengers is one of the strengths of these models where the legroom is greater than that of the electric-powered Mercedes-Benz EQS. The i7 and 7 Series can be fitted with an optional 31.1-inch wide screen that extends from the ceiling of the car to transform the rear seats into a real home cinema. This screen allows you to view multimedia content, including that offered by Amazon Video and Netflix. Here, the expression «to impress» takes on its full meaning…

The i7 and the 7 Series are also equipped with all the technological arsenal necessary for Level 3 autonomous driving. It will be enough to activate this system by means of a software update in the countries and States where the autonomous driving of level 3 will be allowed, since all the components required for the operation of the system are already integrated into the vehicles. In addition, the i7 and 7 Series may be subject to improvements in their various functionalities through updates via the Internet.

An all-new twin-turbo V8.

Technically, the BMW 7 Series and i7 come standard with an adaptive air suspension, while active four-wheel steering will be optional. Remarkably, the S68 V8 biturbo engine, designed for the new 760i xDrive, shares no components with the N63 V8 biturbo powering the current 7 Series. The only similarities between them are the displacement of 4.4 liters and the two turbochargers between both rows of cylinders (Hot V configuration). This new engine also increases the power, which is now increased to 536 horsepower.

A restyled X7.

The BMW X7 has undergone a restyling, and the new look of its front end is in line with that of the 7 Series and i7, particularly in terms of the arrangement of the daytime running lights and the headlights, and the illumination of the grid in double nostrils.
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