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BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 – Incredible Electric City Bike


BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 – Incredible Electric City Bike. 2021 BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 – Ride and Design. Please Consider Subscribing.

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The electrically powered BMW Motorrad Concept Definition CE 04 has been consistently developed and adapted to meet the everyday needs and requirements of the customer. True to the motto “Plugged to life” it combines the customer’s analogue world with the digital one. In conjunction with the corresponding intelligent rider equipment, a holistic, highly emotional and newly conceived mobility experience is created.

The segment-defining design of the Definition CE 04 stands for a new, urban aesthetic. While the BMW Motorrad Concept Link in 2017 still seemed like a vision far from the future, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 in 2020 transfers the radical design of the Concept Link to production readiness with almost unchanged design.

Visually, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 clearly breaks with the look of scooters as we know them. Instead, an elongated, low vehicle body and the diagonally rising front end create a silhouette that is as modern as it is clear. The generous, calm surface design with sharply defined edges blends perfectly into modern, urban surroundings. The flat battery in the underbody provides new freedoms, such as the new storage solution, which is illuminated and can be folded open from the side. It gives the rider easy access for storing a helmet and other equipment. In addition, the low position of the flat battery provides a favourable centre of gravity, which ensures playful handling and dynamic riding fun.

Clear lines, generous surfaces and distinctive design underline the modern impression of the proportions. This is further enhanced by the use of two colours: beneath the modern surface finish in Mineral White metallic, a matt black area forms the core of the vehicle, the technical heart. It stretches from the front to the rear and, in addition to the tyres and front lights, also integrating the drive unit and the suspension elements. The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 deliberately stages the bike’s technology as part of the design. That is why the side panels don’t completely cover the vehicle’s side section at the rear. Instead they stretch across parts of the vehicle’s side like little wings allowing views of the drive unit, cooling ribs, single-sided swing arm, spring strut and tooth belt.

The design of the lights is as reduced as it is modern. The two U-shaped LED front lights are characterised by minimalist design. Their clear-cut layout and the slim contours accentuate the modern and trailblazing visual appeal of the front section. The rear lights have been integrated into the rear side panels in the form of two C-shaped light elements.

Both with regard to design and digital use, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 always focuses on practical and user-friendly solutions. BMW Motorrad sees great potential in the interaction between vehicle and rider equipment in terms of safety, comfort and emotional experience. The rider is connected to his environment through his smartphone via the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04. Its 10.25 inch display is the largest in the scooter segment to date and acts as an interface between the digital and analogue worlds of the rider.

The designers have also broken new ground in terms of rider equipment: “We deliberately wanted to create a fashionable look that is urban yet highly functional rather than classic motorcycle clothing. We want to develop products with which you can get off the vehicle and go about your everyday business hassle-free. At the same time, the rider equipment offers the protection you are used to from BMW Motorrad and even becomes part of the vehicle communication to the outside world”, explains Julia Lein, Head of Rider Equipment Design at BMW Motorrad.

At the heart of the rider equipment developed exclusively for the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is a casually cut warm parka suitable for everyday use. Black riding jeans, stylish sneakers and a white open face helmet complete the look. The parka in a broken white tone offers a high degree of wearing comfort thanks to its wide cut and is distinctive thanks to its urban style.


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