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BMW Panoramic Vision 2025 | Head-Up Display Across The Entire Width Of The Windscreen


BMW Panoramic Vision 2025 | Head-Up Display Across The Entire Width Of The Windscreen. The new BMW head-up display is called BMW Panoramic Vision and represents the reinterpretation of the BMW driver orientation “eyes on the road – hands on the wheel” in the NEUE KLASSE.

Eyes on the road – hands on the wheel. Driver-centric focus.
The BMW Panoramic Vision represents the consistent BMW driver-centric approach in the new BMW iDrive control system for the NEUE KLASSE. The BMW Group was the first car manufacturer to develop a cockpit that focuses on a particularly intensive, safe and concentrated driving experience. On-board computers with digital displays first appeared in the BMW 7 Series in the 1980s. The first BMW iDrive in 2001 comprehensively reduced switches and buttons like no other control system before, creating a modern, uncluttered interior. The first series production of BMW head-up displays followed shortly afterwards. The success story of the BMW Group developing pioneering innovations continues with the new BMW Panoramic Vision head-up display for the NEUE KLASSE.

BMW Panoramic Vision and BMW iDrive in the NEUE KLASSE.
The BMW Group continues to consistently develop the comprehensive BMW iDrive operating concept with the BMW Panoramic Vision. The company presented its revolutionary BMW i Vision Dee vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year. It shows how an extended head-up display can also be used for display control design and an immersive user experience in the future. The study demonstrates the fusion of reality and the virtual world by turning the windscreen windows into projection surface.This technology is now becoming reality as a series version in NEUE KLASSE vehicles, the BMW Panoramic Vision.

At the IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich, the BMW Group will present further steps and new details on the way to the NEUE KLASSE.
In addition to the BMW Panoramic Vision, further new control and information elements from the new BMW iDrive will be presented in the NEUE KLASSE.


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