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BMW Teleoperated Valet Parking demonstration #ces2024


BMW Teleoperated Valet Parking demonstration #ces2024. The BMW Group and Valeo have entered a strategic partnership to work on the joint development of next-generation automated Level 4 parking solutions. This includes the development of solutions for automated valet parking (AVP). Here, the customer leaves their vehicle in a designated dropoff area. The vehicle then searches for a vacant parking space itself, manoeuvres into the space and later exits it again, and can even drive back to the pick-up area for collection by the driver. Either an autonomous driving system or a teleoperated valet system can be used as the underlying technology for this.

CES 2024 visitors will have the opportunity to try out teleoperated valet parking for themselves. Teleoperation offers complete control in situations that could be very challenging for fully autonomous systems, such as in complex or unfamiliar environments. The teleoperator uses sophisticated technology and live camera images to guide and move the vehicle so that it can be parked and retrieved again in a carefully controlled manner. Possible future applications for this technology could include parking at events, at airports or in the logistics sector.

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