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Buick Wildcat EV: a first foray into the electric world.


Buick Wildcat EV: a first foray into the electric world.. Buick Wildcat EV: a first foray into the electric world. With a view to electrifying all of its vehicles by 2030, Buick intends to market its first electric vehicle in North America from 2024. This will also be an opportunity to renew the brand’s image, in particular thanks to the introduction of a new logo.

To illustrate its new direction, Buick is taking advantage of its presence at the Montreal Auto Show to present the Wildcat EV concept , a coupe-type sedan that sports unique lines and focuses on expressiveness. Its configuration gives it an aggressive style with its plunging muzzle, its widened wings and its positioning close to the ground.

The hook-shaped headlights and taillights perform a choreographed ignition sequence to greet the driver as they approach the vehicle. Otherwise, to facilitate access on board, part of the roof is raised at the same time as the door and the mirrors are replaced by cameras whose display is in the door.

Resolutely futuristic, the Wildcat EV also takes its inspiration from the past with the 18-spoke wheels in the shape of a turbine, referring to the era of the “Jet-Age” of the 1950s. “The Wildcat EV concept represents the true future of design for the brand,” said Buick Chief Design Officer Sharon Gauci.

futuristic platform.

On board, the passenger compartment has been designed to be inviting and comforting. Moreover, the colors will play an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere. Among the notable styling cues, the center console extends to the rear and the cockpit-style seats with cantilevered headrests give the impression of floating.

The Wildcat EV will also employ a range of futuristic technologies, including artificial intelligence, biometrics and aromatherapy. Thus, the car would be able to detect any changes in the driver’s heart rate. If he climbs, the vehicle will adjust settings to calm him down. For example, Zen mode will dim the cabin lights, diffuse soothing fragrances and activate the massaging seats.

Buick didn’t share any technical details, but confirms that its first electric vehicle in 2024 will be based on GM’s Ultium platform .
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