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Buick Wildcat EV Concept Hit The Road Virtually


Buick Wildcat EV Concept Hit The Road Virtually. The Wildcat EV concept also introduces a new, expressive face for Buick, distinguished by a bold, forward-leaning front-end appearance that features a low-mounted, trapezoidal grille. Sharp, high-mounted and horizontal check mark-shaped lighting flanks the vehicle, while the outer edges of the grille house primary lighting. The lighting elements are configured to create a unique welcome choreography when the driver approaches.

Further, the vehicle — a 2+2 coupe — strikes a powerful, expressive presence, with an all-new, laid-back proportion complemented by a low, wide stance. The windshield wraps around and flows into the side glass, which tapers dramatically with the fast roofline to accentuate the aggressive profile.

Additional exterior design highlights include:
Distinctive semi-swing doors for easy entry and exit.
Unique aluminum trim that appears to flow seamlessly into the interior seat structures.
Micro-LED lighting technology and thin-beam projector lenses for the front lighting.
Blade-style taillights embedded in the roof’s sail panels, culminating in check mark-style horizontal lamps that echo the front lighting signature.
An external “state of charge” indicator visible in the exterior hatchback glass.
Jet Age-inspired 18-spoke “turbine” wheels.

Source : Buick

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