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Cadillac Celestiq: Cadillac’s new vision of luxury.


Cadillac Celestiq: Cadillac’s new vision of luxury.. Cadillac Celestiq: Cadillac’s new vision of luxury. Cadillac is preparing to equip its range with a new flagship, the Celestiq. Unveiled in concept form on Friday, this full-electric large sedan embodies the future vision of luxury for the brand which will celebrate its 120th anniversary on August 22 and will no longer sell gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030 .

Cadillac designers and engineers were inspired by the famous V-16 of the 1930s as well as the 1957 Eldorado Brougham. Like the latter, moreover, the Celestiq will be assembled by hand in small numbers.

«These vehicles represented the pinnacle of luxury for their time and helped establish Cadillac as the benchmark in the world,» said Cadillac chief engineer Tony Roma, who also explains that the best luxury experience on the road is possible in a sedan. That’s why the Celestiq isn’t an SUV like the Escalade or the Lyriq .

Lyriq tunes.

That said, the design of the Celestiq still looks a lot like a Lyriq… in an elongated and flattened format. Designed as an architectural monument, the massive and majestic car sits on gigantic 23-inch wheels and uses GM’s Ultium platform . Its very long wheelbase accommodates a battery whose size is not yet specified, but which will certainly provide great autonomy.

Beneath a smart glass roof , divided into quadrants whose opacity can be adjusted to occupant desire (an industry first), the concept’s spectacular cabin is crafted using premium materials and features mind-blowing attention to detail – the kind you don’t even see in a Bugatti or Koenigsegg, according to Cadillac interior design manager Tristan Murphy.

55 inch screen.

The highlight of the scene is undoubtedly the set of five HD screens, including the 55-inch one that runs the full width of the dashboard. The front passenger will be able to watch videos or other content without the driver being able to see anything due to their angle. The other screens are found on the front and rear consoles as well as on the back of each front seat. See also the galaxy of LED light points on the doors, where also reside the controls for the multiple adjustments of the front and rear seats.

It is of course a question of advanced technologies for the comfort and safety of the occupants. Among other things, GM’s next-generation semi-autonomous driving system, called Ultra Cruise , will be on the program. In addition, the car can be personalized according to the wishes of each client.

Information reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this year suggested the price could be around US$300,000 – not including options! It remains to be confirmed, but obviously, Cadillac wants to play in the flowerbeds of Rolls-Royce and Bentley .

No launch date is announced either, although some point to the end of 2024 as the 2025 model. On the other hand, we do know that the Cadillac Celestiq will be produced in specialized facilities at GM’s worldwide technical center in Warren, Michigan, which benefits for this purpose from an investment of more than 100 million Canadian dollars.
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