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Crash Test 5 Small Sedans – Disappointing Side Impact Comparison


Crash Test 5 Small Sedans – Disappointing Side Impact Comparison. The Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla sedan, Toyota Corolla hatchback, Honda Civic sedan and Honda Civic hatchback are rated acceptable.

The Kia Forte, Subaru Crosstrek and the Subaru Impreza sedan and wagon are rated poor.

IIHS developed the updated side crash test after research showed that many of the real-world side impacts that still account for nearly a quarter of passenger vehicle occupant fatalities are more severe than the original evaluation.

The updated side crash test uses a heavier barrier traveling at a higher speed to simulate the striking vehicle. The new barrier weighs 4,200 pounds — close to the weight of today’s midsize SUVs — and strikes the test vehicle at 37 mph, compared with a 3,300-pound barrier traveling at 31 mph in the original evaluation.

► These results are only for models sold in the USA

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