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Dacia Jogger Extreme SLEEP PACK | Estate Camper


Dacia Jogger Extreme SLEEP PACK | Estate Camper. The Sleep Pack is the first accessory to be launched as part of the InNature accessory range. Available with all Jogger trim levels, the Sleep Pack makes it possible to turn the passenger compartment into a bedroom in just a few minutes. This removable accessory is compatible with all Jogger vehicles produced since its launch. The two removable seats in the third row of the 7-seater version of the Jogger need to be taken out before the pack can be set up.

The aim was to produce a pack that was simple, removable and affordable.

Simple: The pack features three key components: a double bed that can be set up unassisted in less than two minutes, a shelf and storage space

Removable: The pack (including the mattress) weighs less than 50kg.

Affordable: The pack costs €1,490 when ordered with a new Jogger vehicle or €1,790 when ordered separately (N.B. These are the France prices and include VAT.) This simple and clever wooden accessory is intended to complement pieces of camping equipment many users already have (such as coolers or portable stoves). The pack would be less appealing and more expensive if it included such equipment.

Optimised cargo capacity, a discreet Sleep Pack and generous dimensions

When the cargo cover is in place, the pack is hidden and the Jogger looks like a regular 5-seater. The clever engineering of the wooden box ensures the (220L) storage area can be accessed at all times, whether or not the pack has been set up. The cargo cover featuring the logo can be used as a shelf when in place.

The sliding bed system inside the rear doors includes a 190cm x 130cm mattress. This set-up offers ample headroom of at least 60cm.

Accessories complementing Dacia’s InNature Sleep Pack are available:

Blackout blinds for all windows, offering light and privacy control
A smart tent that can be connected to the Jogger when the boot is open, providing extra sleeping space

Source : Dacia

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