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Dacia Jogger SLEEP PACK – Small Camper


Dacia Jogger SLEEP PACK – Small Camper. The Sleep Pack is the first accessory in the InNature accessory range. It is available with all Dacia Jogger trim levels and can transform the passenger compartment into a bedroom in just a few minutes. This removable accessory is compatible with all Jogger vehicles produced since its launch. The aim of the pack was to be simple, removable and affordable, and it includes a double bed, a shelf, and storage space. It costs €1,490 when ordered with a new Jogger vehicle, and €1,790 when ordered separately. The pack is designed to complement camping equipment that users already have. Additional accessories, such as blackout blinds for all windows and a smart tent that can be connected to the Jogger, are available. The pack is designed to optimize cargo capacity and has generous dimensions. The sliding bed system includes a 190cm x 130cm mattress and offers a headroom of at least 60cm.

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