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Dacia Spring (2021) The Most Affordable Electric Car


Dacia Spring (2021) The Most Affordable Electric Car. The new 2021 Dacia Spring is the cheapest electric car on the European market.

Under its SUV look hides a city car with unrivalled space for 4 people and a simple yet reliable electric motor with a range of 230 km (WLTP combined) and 305 km on city roads (WLTP city).

The Dacia Spring comes in 3 versions:

– A consumer version with pre-orders starting on March 20, 2021, and first deliveries in the Autumn 2021

– A Business version, available as early as March 2021, for car-share and car rental companies as well as business fleets

– Lastly, ‘Cargo’, a full-utility model with no rear seats – ideal for last-mile delivery – will be on offer as of early 2022.

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