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Ferrari 12Cilindri – V12 SOUND


Ferrari 12Cilindri – V12 SOUND. There has been a single leitmotif that has been thrilling Prancing Horse enthusiasts since 1947: the naturally-aspirated, mid-front-mounted V12, the very first Ferrari engine to roar its way through the factory gates in Maranello. Unveiled today to public and media against the spectacular backdrop of Miami Beach in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Ferrari’s arrival on the American market, the Ferrari 12Cilindri is the natural evolution of the company’s uncompromising powertrain philosophy, which over the decades has continued to develop without ever straying from its original DNA and the marque’s core values.

The F140HD engine equipping the Ferrari 12Cilindri is the new version of the iconic naturally-aspirated Ferrari V12, the purest expression of Ferrari’s soul: its peerless performance, powerful soundtrack and exclusivity make it the worthy heir to the legendary berlinetta sports cars that wrote some of the most glittering chapters in the marque’s history. The engine can unleash up to 830 cv while its max revs have been increased to 9500 rpm by adopting challenging and innovative solutions.

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