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Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale Lap RECORD At Fiorano


Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale Lap RECORD At Fiorano. The fastest ever lap of Fiorano by a road car was announced today. Set by the 1030-cv SF90 XX Stradale, the new limited-series special based on the SF90 Stradale, the time of just 1’17.309” represents a new record for homologated road cars. Driven by Raffaele de Simone, Ferrari Head of Development Test Driving, and equipped with lightweight carbon-fibre wheels and Michelin Cup2R tyres, the time was 1.4” faster than that set by the original car equipped with the Assetto Fiorano package and the same tyres.

The test was carried out on the 16th of October 2023, during the SF90 XX Stradale media launch test drives in front of leading members of the international press, who were thus able to talk to the engineers who developed the model and see up close the factory’s performance test prepping procedures. The time and the telemetry was independently measured and certified by a specialist third-party motor sports agency.

The SF90 XX Stradale will be on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello from 15 December, together with an exhibition corner containing information and insights into the car and the record.

Type V8 – 90° – twin turbo
Overall displacement 3990 cc
Max. power output* 586 kW (797 cv) at 7900 rpm
Max. torque 804 Nm at 6250 rpm
Max. revs 8000 rpm
Hybrid system
Maximum power electric motors 171 kW (233 cv)
Battery capacity 7.9 kWh
Max. range under electric power 25 km

8-speed F1 DCT

Max. speed 320 km/h
0-100 km/h 2.3 s
0-200 km/h 6.5 s

Source : Ferrari

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