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FIAT Panda Production Line In Italy


FIAT Panda Production Line In Italy. Fiat Pandina celebrates people’s love for the Panda and the production extension at least until 2027 in the Plant of Pomigliano d’Arco, Italy.

Olivier Francois, FIAT Chief Executive Officer and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Stellantis, commented: “The new Fiat Pandina is a tribute to the love Italians have for Panda. In fact, “Pandina” is actually the nickname people in this country have always given the car. I am proud to present this special series on the day when I can also announce that Panda will continue to be produced in Pomigliano d’Arco at least until 2027. The love-story between this Panda and Italy will continue for several more years, thanks to the new investments that have made it the most technological and safest ever. I also have another reason to celebrate Panda today: in fact we have decided to increase production by 20% to meet customer demand in Italy and Europe. Panda continues to be market leader in this country and segment leader in Europe: and it is also the sole A segment hybrid in the Group.”

Source : Fiat

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