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Fiat Topolino at EICMA 2023 | “Closed” Topolino & Topolino Dolcevita


Fiat Topolino at EICMA 2023 | “Closed” Topolino & Topolino Dolcevita. FIAT continues its mission to develop sustainable mobility for the cities and turn them into relaxing playgrounds where driving becomes an easy and sustainable experience accessible to all. Such an objective becomes a reality thanks to the new Fiat Topolino, a joyful and cool new electric car for everyone, for families and even the youngest, since the minimum age to drive it – depending on the market – is 14 years old.

The line-up consists of two different bodies, one closed and one open, both consistent in their structural characteristics: one color, Verde Vita, one wheel design and one aesthetic approach for the interior. Thanks to its extremely small size compared to a normal car (2.53 meters length), its ease of handling and a safe top speed of 45 km/h, Topolino reignites the desire to travel the roads stress-free. Versatile, the two models feature great electric capability due to a 5,4 kWh battery that offers up to 75km of range and a less than four-hour time for a full charge. More than what you need for your seaside days or daily rush in the city centers.

Source: Courtesy EICMA

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